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International Recruitment

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The Canterbury Skills and Employment Hub has been extended through to June 2018 to help match employers with job seekers, including new graduates, from Canterbury and throughout New Zealand.

Our Skills Brokers can provide employment assistance across all sectors and skill levels.  Our initial focus, however, is on industries associated with the rebuild, and in particular semi and unskilled labour for the construction industry.

Our free online job listing and matching service has been designed to assist both employers and job seekers. Job seekers who register with the Hub can approach you direct on vacancies that you lodge with the Hub’s website.

Our team of dedicated Skills Brokers will get back to you on suitable jobseekers within two working days of you lodging a vacancy. Wherever possible, they will provide you with details of a number of jobseekers, from whom you can select the right candidate.

We can also help with market intelligence, and engage with you on longer term skills planning.

How the hub works

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Further information on the operations of the Hub and how it can help you, is available on the attached Questions and Answers.

 Getting Started

Registering with us is a straightforward process. You can do so by completing this online form. If you have questions about the registration process, call us on 0800 CanHub (0800 226482) or email us on canty_skillshub@msd.govt.nz. Once registered you’ll be contacted by a dedicated Skills Broker.

Our priority, of course, is to match employers with suitable candidates from Canterbury and New Zealand before you look offshore.  We can also provide information about trainees who are graduating or are close to finishing their qualifications, who could be seeking jobs.

If there are no New Zealanders available to do the work, then the Hub will speed up the migration and visa application process by providing Immigration New Zealand  (INZ) with confirmation that the required labour market test has been carried out and no New Zealanders are available.

For International Recruitment information click here.

Labour market trends and information

As an employer you may be interested in information related to your industry sector or Canterbury as a whole. See the following sites: